Introducing the Revolutionary Beer Dispensing Capabilities

Cornelius has four new advancements coming soon to the beer dispensing market:

  • Flavored Beer will allow the consumer to customize their experience at the bar while also allowing the retailer to offer several selections.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is a data monitoring program which allows retailers to have access to real time data from the unit and manage all marketing content remotely.
  • Cornelius has a new partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies that will provide Concentrated Beer to retailers.
  • ecoFlo technology will make dispensing beer more efficient and eco-friendly.
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Flavored Beer

Cornelius brings a premium beer dispensing option to retailers with exciting new capabilities. Consumers are now able have several different flavors added to their beer or cider at the point of dispense, utilizing the Cornelius Multi-Flavor Valve technology. This feature makes for a new and unique experience to each consumer based on their own preferences, with thousands of flavor combinations possible. The addition of flavor in beer or cider increases variety without requiring separate brewing and packaging options. Cornelius is able to provide this capability with just a base flavor beer or cider and your favorite flavors to make it a truly customizable experience.

  • BARTENDER SIDE: Touch screen for unit control
  • CONSUMER SIDE: Touch screen display consumer engagement
  • Houses up to 4 beer nozzles and 8 flavor nozzles
  • Provides room for cooling circuits
  • Ability to mount on standard Kegerators or fixed bars with chiller package
  • IoT CAPABILITY: Temperature of pour / drinks served

Learn More About Flavors

IoT (Internet of Things)

Along with the revolutionary equipment, retailers will have the option to add on Cornelius’ IoT capabilities which track all beer pours made on the machine. This is an exciting feature for retailers to monitor trends as to what flavors and brands are popular with their customers.


  • Connecting dispensers to the Internet allows them to report sales and operational metrics while digital content can be managed remotely
  • Monitoring performance allows lower maintenance cost and increased profits
  • Understanding key consumer trends can be done at the bar or corporate headquarters

Concentrated Beer Highlights

Introducing the new Cornelius Concentrated Beer Dispenser, utilizing concentrated beer from Sustainable Beverage Technology (SBT). Revolutionary technology is replacing bar kegs with a post mix (BIB) setup. This eliminates the large footprint required by kegs and leads to a more efficient use of inventory spacing. The unique partnership between Cornelius and SBT creates a new type of beer that both retailers and consumers will enjoy.

Benefits to the Retailer

  • Current draft beer technology requires large under counter refrigerators or even entire rooms devoted to storing cold kegs
  • Post mix technology allows beer concentrate to be stored at ambient temperature and then chilled during dispense
  • Moving to post mix dispensing of concentrated beer allows:
    • Reduced energy for chilling
    • 3X increase in brand density and a 6X increase in inventory density
    • Reduced cost of equipment due to less of a need for refrigeration

Cornelius can deliver several types of dispensers to be able to match the need of all retailers.

We’re bringing new visuals to bars to attract beer purists as well as individuals who want more of a tasty beer to pair with their meal. With an easy install and small beer font it can be adapted to any type of bar set up and match existing marketing materials. The dispenser adds the water back to the concentrate to make a freshly dispensed beverage throughout daily traffic. The flavor capabilities can vary based on what flavors the retailer would like to make available at any given time.

ecoFlo & ColdFlow HCE Beer Cooler Range


  • Natural refrigerant (R290)
  • Widely used in commercial equipment
  • Energy savings of 5% typical
  • (GWP) Global Warming Potential <4 (R134a = 1,300)
  • Safety compliant to EN60335-2-24


  • Improved water bath insulation
  • Reduced water surface movement
  • Minimal air movement over water surface
  • Improved coil lid insulation


  • Programmable timer
  • Calendar for daylight saving hours
  • Manages out of hours energy use
  • Temperature display
  • Set point options for alternative coolants


  • Delivers up to 70% energy savings compared with AC motors
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Intelligent electronics for numerous control functions
  • 1:1 replacement from AC to EC technology


  • Life expectancy of 10 years versus c.2.5 years of standard pumps
  • Patented Smart Controller allows full customization to suit all pubs
  • Retrofittable into all industry standard remote beer cooling technology
  • Up to 50% improvement in life of key refrigeration components
  • 42% less energy consumption than standard products
  • EC variable speed motor providing reduced energy load on the refrigeration circuit

It's Eco Friendly

Environmental & Sustainability

  • 66% Reduction in total water used (delivered to POS)
  • Distributed aquifer impact (89% less depletion of local water source)
  • Dramatically reduced carbon footprint (derived from energy and shipping benefits)
  • Reduction in solid waste

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